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Spring Cleaning? How About 'Spring Spruce Up'...

If you're like me, you have a closet full of clothes, but only a handful of "go-to" items. Am I right? When I'm shopping I tend to gravitate towards the graphic tees/tanks, (imagine that.) However, there's something about a simple black or white top that always lures its way into my shopping bags. These are a great fashion staple to have on hand. Let's face it though, you can only wear so many plain tops during a seven day stretch and it's always those go-to favorites.

Instead of casting away those non-favorite "blank canvases" during your spring cleaning frenzy, consider giving them a spruce up! Turn that plain white tank from one of twenty into a one-of-a-kind! One of the best places to find things for my iron-on graphics is your own closet. Shirts, tanks, an old flannel or even a pair or jeans... I like to think that adding a graphic decal is like a sprinkle of pixie dust. Transforming the plain and simple into something MAGICAL.

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